Legal Operations and Technology

Efficiency and Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  We are pioneering solutions and services that enables your business to achieve maximum efficiency from it’s legal function.

Legal Operations and Technology is gaining real traction with company boards, who are now taking a much more active view of innovation within their legal functions. We can either advise and support your current superstar legal operations team or, if you do not have dedicated legal operations colleagues, you can gain all of the benefits that come from having a top legal operations function, but let us do all of the work for you. Whether contract management, matter management (both internal and external), budget tracking, company secretarial & group entity management and/or any other internal processes or solutions, we are on hand to assist from trouble shooting, through design & implementation, and ongoing management or support.

  • Tech enabled solutions that drive value and efficiency for your business.
  • Steer your team to be the best revenue enabling function you can be, while maintaining all of your desired risk and compliance controls.
  • Access all of the benefits that come from new technologies and automation without having to go through the pain of implementing or resourcing on an ongoing basis.
Tech-enabled Legal Solutions
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Contract Management/CLM
Matter Management
Budget and Invoice Management
Group Entity Management/ Company Secretarial
Bespoke Internal Processes and Solutions