Legal Operations

Legal Operating Model

Updates & changes to, or advising on new, legal operating model(s), whether a large-scale (end-to-end) transformation or a targeted assessment of a specific area. Drive efficiency through process improvements and, where needed, technology adoption, improve service delivery to clients internal teams and reduce any bottlenecks, modernise risk-management frameworks and cadence, manage and, where needed, drive cost efficiencies to reduce legal spend.

Legal Risk Management

Evaluate and reconfigure internal legal processes to develop systematic, intuitive and efficient processes. Undertake risk-management assessments, gap analyses and a roadmap, in areas such as litigation/disputes, legislation changes, contract management, data privacy and legal panel transformation.

Legal Sourcing and Cost Management

Guidance to build a model that accomplishes ‘more with less’, by balancing in-house resources with a combination of technology and external service providers. Guidance on panel arrangements and legal sourcing strategies (utilising both global or regional firms along with alternative service providers, in all cases leveraging technology to maximise efficiency and user experience). Identify efficient and effective alignment of tasks with appropriate resourcing plan, enabling a more effective legal function, refocused on strategic priorities.
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